Team 399

Grizzly bears, Urus arctos horriblus, occupy some 3% of their recent historic range in the continental United States. First widely encountered during the Corps of Discovery during the Lewis and Clark Expedition, grizzly bears were largely denizens of the Great Plains. 

Reduced to a remnant population in the northern Rockies, grizzly bears were placed under the protection of the Endangered Species Act in 1975 after their population dwindled to around 100 (estimates vary). Grizzly bears were tagged as part of their recovery plan. Grizzly 399, born in 1996 and tagged in 2001.

Grizzly 399 began showing up near the road in Grand Teton National Park in 2007 and immediately became a celebrity – the accidental ambassador for her species. Immortalized by legendary wildlife photographer Tom Mangelsen, Grizzly 399 has personally attracted visitors from all over the world.

Grizzly bears have been and remain under constant assault from myriad governmental agencies defying the will of the American people. A trophy hunt was scheduled for 2018 until they were temporarily saved by a federal judge. Had the trophy hunt gone through several trophy hunters said they would target her as she dens and occasionally travels outside of the safety of Grand Teton National Park.

We spent most of the summer following the lost grizzly cub Pepper in the mountains east of Grand Teton and were surprised to learn that there was nowhere for him to go, no rescue available.

As a photographer we enjoy every moment we can with 399. We moved to the Tetons specifically to spend more time with grizzlies. As our guiding business expanded and we brought more people to meet 399, 610, Blondie, Felicia, Pepper and other bears who allow us an audience we felt we weren’t doing enough.

We donate half of the net profits on anything purchased on this page and any grizzly bear art to help fund grizzly bear advocacy, education and, where possible, the rescue of orphaned grizzly cubs.


Bedford Camera & Video

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Team 399…Grizzlies Forever!!!